South Gambia Tour

Travel along The Gambia’s southern coastline seeing everything that is interesting to see – a village market, a school, a women’s communal garden, a fish landing center, the Tanje Village Museum (the first natural history museum), a fish curing site and a sprawling sandy beach.

Banjul City Tour

Visit the SOS Children’s Village at Bakoteh, a Batik factory in Serrekunda, Arch 22 in Banjul, the Gambia National Museum and Banjul craft market. Lunch stop on the way back.

Lions and Crocodiles

Abuko Nature Reserve is one of the few remaining areas of tropical forest in The Gambia. Carefully protected, it is the home of perhaps the last remaining lions in The Gambia plus lots of other wildlife – hyenas, monkeys, deer, reptiles and birds.

After visiting the reserve, you proceed to the riverside restaurant at Lamin Lodge for lunch.

On the return journey to your hotel, you will stop at the sacred crocodiles pool at Katchikally. The water from this pond is believed by the locals to have healing powers especially for infertility.

Mangrove Tour

Spend your day at the scenic riverside camp at the historic village of Bintang Bolong. Your transport will first take you to the Abuko Livestock Market and then to the Brikama woodcarver’s market where you can make excellent bargains for some souvenirs.

Then proceed to Bintang, stopping briefly in a local school for a glimpse of The Gambia’s education system. After lunch at the scenic restaurant on the river, you will board a local pirogue on a cruise on the Bintang Bolong – perhaps the best known of all the tributaries of The River Gambia.

You may be lucky to spot one of the very few salt water crocodiles in The Gambia. When you return to the camp , you will be free to swim or walk through the village to meet the people in their typical environment.

Treasure island

Perhaps the best spot in The Gambia! A deserted sprawling beach on an isolated island where the River Gambia meets the Atlantic Ocean.

The trip to the island starts with a crossing on a crowded public ferry, followed by a drive through small villages to the Island of Jinack, which is invariably called Paradise or Coconut Island.

A short boat ride takes you to your beach bar where you are served a delicious lunch. The rest of the afternoon is then yours to swim or sunbathe.

Janjangbureh Tour

This is a two-day trip to the heart of The Gambia and to the historic town of Janjangbureh (formerly Georgetown). The trip starts with a landrover or mini-bus ride along the south bank trunk road, stopping in a number of villages on the way.

After lunch at Tendaba Camp, you will proceed to Sapu to join your Gambian river craft on a pleasant early evening cruise to Janjangbureh Island. Overnight will be in the delightful Bird Safari Camp or Baobolong Camp.

An early breakfast the following morning followed by a visit to the ancient slave house, a trip to the prehistoric Stone Circles at Wassu. The return trip will take you through the cosmopolitan border town of Farafenni.

Gambian Pub Crawl

Explore the nightlife in The Gambia . Have dinner in a top class restaurant, then visit as many bars as possible stopping at each for no more than a couple of drinks. You will return to your hotel in the second half of the night and we wish you a sound sleep.

Gunjur Adventure

An expedition taking you to several contrasting situations – a modern international airport, thick tropical forest, small rural village, bustling cosmopolitan town, vibrant fishing community and a Swiss-run seaside restaurant – all in one day.

Gambian Market Tour

Market visits are always the best way to learn about a people and their culture. Visit the bustling Serrekunda market where you can literally buy anything under the sun. You will see lots of food stuff. Find out what Gambians put in their delicious food.

Gambian Sunset Cruise

A slow evening cruise in an African pirogue, through a maze of creeks. Many birds to spot. See the local women in their dugout canoes fetching oyster. Enjoy the beautiful tropical sunset as you arrive at the picturesque riverside restaurant where you will be served a buffet dinner followed by cultural entertainment.

African Wrestling

The national sport of The Gambia – full of excitement and color. Come and see our strongest men outdo each other in wit and strength in a festive African