BAKAU MARKET has all the fruit, and most of the vegetables, that you would expect to find in Europe.

FRUIT SELLERS. You will find that every tourist hotel has a row of fruit sellers, either outside of the hotel, or on the beach. The fruit is a little more expensive than in the market, but one sale could put food on the table that evening. Best value, especially on the beach, is to order a fruit salad which will be brought to you on a plate. Cheap and Delicious.

KAIRABA AVENUE. From Fajara all the way to Serekunda, supermarkets can be found at regular intervals. They sell much the same things, but the prices can differ.

SEREKUNDA MARKET. Well worth a visit. This is the market where you may find the one item that you never expected to find, shoes, leather sandals, beach wear etc.

BANJUL. The capital has just about everything. Markets, shops, supermarkets, craft markets, cafes, restaurants, heat, dust etc. But worth a visit.

CRAFT MARKETS. Every hotel must have one, or so it seems. If you see one, which you will, have a look round. There will not be too much pressure put on you to buy, and if you want to leave, just say, “maybe later”.