Two Day Trip To North Gambia & Wassu Stone Circles


The Wassu stone circles lie 22 km northwest of Lamin Koto, on the north bank across from Janjanbureh. Researchers are not certain when these monuments were built, but the generally accepted range is between the third century B.C. and the sixteenth century A.D.

Archaeologists have also found pottery sherds, human burials, and some grave goods and metals around the megalithic circles

Janjanbureh or Jangjangbureh is a town, founded in 1832, on Janjanbureh Island in the Gambia River in eastern Gambia. It was formerly known as Georgetown and was the second largest in the country.

It is now the capital of the Central River Division and is the home of Gambia’s first church and first high school.

The whole trip offers superb birdwatching opportunities and , a walk around town does reveal a few historic buildings, including the old Commissioner’s Quarter, a 200-year-old wooden house once inhabited by freed slaves, and the foundations of a colonial slave warehouse.  You can also see the Freedom Tree

Trips To Georgetown, Janjangbureh, Farafeni & Wassu

Hotel Pick Up 6 – 6.30 am
Drive to the ferry port at Banjul 25 minute
Cross the River Gambia by ferry or local canoe to Barra 45 minutes
Drive to Farafeni through several North Bank villages 90 minutes
Lunch at Eddies in Farafeni 45 minutes
Drive to Wassu 3 hours
Visit to the stone circles and museum 45 minutes
Drive to Kuntaur 30 minutes
Join the boat for a cruise through the River Gambia National Park to see Hippos and Chimps 120 minutes
Drive to Lamin Koto 45 minutes
Join the ferry to Georgetown 15 minutes
Arrive at hotel for cultural evening of traditional dancing and drumming.

Day 2

Walk through Georgetown to see the slave house, freedom tree, the Governors residence, Armitage High School 60 minutes

Join the ferry to Sankuleh Kunda 15 minutes
Drive to Jarra Soma 120 minutes
Lunch at Jarra Soma
Drive through the area known as the Fonis visiting local villages and horticultural gardens along the way 3 hours
Drive back to the Kombos for arrival at your hotel around 6 pm