Three Day Trip To Dakar & Goree Island In Senegal


Dakar is the capital and largest city of Senegal and is the westernmost city on the African mainland. The City serves as a port and is home to the Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport.

It is also the terminus of the Dakar-Niger railroad line.

Attractions in Dakar include major markets, Dakar Grand Mosque (built in 1964), Dakar Cathedral, Gorée Island, the IFAN Museum of West African culture, the newly completed African Renaissance Monument is the tallest statue in Africa, clifftop walks and beaches, and Parc de Hann, aka the Senegal Zoo.

Gorée is connected to the mainland by regular 30-minute ferry service, for pedestrians only; there are no cars on the island. Senegal’s premier tourist site, the island was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978.

It now serves mostly as a memorial to the slave trade. Many of the historic commercial and residential buildings have been turned into restaurants and hotels to support the tourist traffic.

The infamous “House of Slaves” was built at Gorée in 1776.

The House of Slaves is one of the oldest houses on the island and is the home of the infamous “Door of No Return”, which is said to be the last place exported slaves touched African soilbefore being shipped to America.

The Rue des Dungeons, as the name suggests, there are the dungeons used for the confinement of the slaves to be exported.

It is now a major tourist destination showing the horrors of the slave trade throughout the Atlantic world.

Trips and Tours To Dakar & Goree Island In Senegal

Hotel Pick Up 6 – 6.30 am

Drive to the ferry port at Banjul 25 minute
Cross the River Gambia by ferry or local canoe to Barra 45 minutes
Drive to the Gambia Senegal border at Amdalai 45 minutes
Border crossing formalities including customs and immigration 15 minutes
Drive to Sokone 45 minutes
Join ferry to cross the river to Fatick 15 minutes
Drive to Mbour visiting the beach resort at Sali 45 minutes
Drive to Dakar one hour
Overnight stay in Dakar

Dakar by Night.

Including vist Independence Square, State House, Grand Mosque de Dakar, Samsung Building, Wakam Monument finishing in the entertainment centre of Almadi for a taste of Senegalese nightlife

Goree Island

Leave hotel after breakfast for Goree ferry port 30 minutes
Boat trip to Gorre Island 30 minutes
Trip around Goree Island visiting the slave houses, slave masters bantaba, museum and the old French church 2 hours
Lunch in Goree
Return to Dakar by boat 30 minutes
Visit to Sandaga Market the biggest market in Senegal
Return to hotel for traditional local entertainment.

Thies and Kaolack

Leave hotel after breakfast for drive to Thies home of PMU horse racing one hour
Drive to Kaolack for a short visit to the salt factory 90 minutes
Drive to Amdali through the salt flats 75 minutes
Border crossing formalities including customs and immigration 15 minutes
Drive to Barra 45 minutes
Cross the River Gambia to Banjul 45 minutes
Return to hotel around 6pm.