Imagine the exclusive use of small, personal bird watching camps in Gambia, 4WD ornithology drives off the beaten track and superb staff to cater for your every need. Spend your bird watching holiday in comfortable rural camps in The Gambia. Wake up to the sweet melodies of the birds and breathe the clean refreshing air scented by blooming flowers.

Cruise in an African pirogue on the Gambia River to see nature at its purest. Meet the local people in their traditional environment. A holiday that could heal your ailments!

In our Nature Holidays Package we offer: Airport Transfer, Comfortable Camp Accommodation. Full board Excursions. The Camps we use are: Paradise Inn, Bintang Bolong Camp, Tendaba Camp, Bird Safari Camp, Baobolong Camp, Gunjur Beach Motel, Sanyang Nature Camp

The package is specifically designed for the eco-tourist. During your stay, we will show you that The Gambia is not just beaches. We will take you to various places, including a nature reserve, bird sanctuaries, a sacred crocodile pool, pre-historic stone circles, a natural history museum and fishing centers.

While cruising on the Gambia River, you will see monkeys, lots of birds and possibly hippos. Sunset on the Gambia River is a spectacle you will never forget. And of course you will meet the friendly Gambian people in their traditional environment.

Enjoy your creature comforts while exploring the wilderness. Sturdy, comfortable mini-buses, expert driver/guides, 3 and 4 star lodges, excellent service, facilities and staff.

What do you get when booking with us?


A.M. Arrival at Banjul International Airport
Transfer to hotel
P.M. Information Meeting


A.M. Birds and Breakfast
Lunch in hotel
P.M. Bird-watching in the Bund Road area


A.M. Bird watching at Marakissa
Lunch at Lamin Lodge
P.M. Bird watching at Abuko Nature Reserve


A.M. Bird-watching at Fajara Golf course area
Bird-watching at Cape Point area
Lunch (where you wish)
P.M. Free


A.M. Leave for Toubacouta, Senegal Bird-watching on the way
Lunch at Hotel Kerr Saloum
P.M. Boat ride to Bird’s Island Return to Hotel Kerr Saloum for overnight stay


Return to Banjul by road (bird-watching on the way)


A.M. Bird-watching at Bijilo Forest Park
P.M. Free – for swimming or souvenir hunting